Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Haunted

They walk with their pitch forks,
Some with their knives,
Out to kill the demons,
Who're after their lives...

Oh yes!
Their paradoxical lives,
Filled with anti thesis,
Invisible to our eyes...

For the beasts of hatred,
And the beasts of avarice,
Are out to get their hide...

They seek out the people,
In the darkest of nights,
In the brightest of days,
Like bees in a glass hive...

These few will be found,
And they will be bound,
By a tight rope,
In the eternal recess --
Of sadness and envy...


Friday, 26 September 2014


I have been imputed,
Not once but many a times,
Drawn to tawdry things,
That are --
But meretricious....

For I'm but a mendicant,
On this planet filled with folk,
Folk who look for beauty,
In things that hold no hope...

For that, I impute you all!
Simply overlooking the beauty --
That is in simplicity --
Embracing the meretricious,
As though it was your baby...

~ Shalin Jayesh Dave aka Shona

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Words

My words to all,
Are but, one and the same:
Love thy neighbour, as thyself...

The day you do this,
You'll fill up your bucket of love,
Experience an exoneration so great --
Your avarice, will have no place...

Monday, 22 September 2014

Me - Ignominious

I'm obsequious to your calls,
No matter what and when...

Your voice transfixes my heart and my mind,
It's therapeutic,
But not curative...

It brings back my sickness,
Violently and vehemently!

It's disgustingly alluring,
So inviting,
Yet --
so frustratingly far...

I long,
I pray and fantasize --
About the times I'll finally read the book --
That is your mind...

But this desire,
It's just me --
An ignominious individual...

~ Shona

Friday, 19 September 2014

(no title, yet... ;))

It is upon plain skin,
That I write these words,
Using crimson ink,
For What use is a surface --
That is already burnt...

~ Shona
Any suggestions for the title can be left in the comments, I'll review each one of them.

The Protector

This busy train,
Filled with people,
Talking and laughing,
Others lost in their world of music...

But there is one lone man,
He stands by himself,
Observing and recording,
Every moment on this train,
He hears everything,
Hears everyone,
He wants in on them too,
He wants to talk,
He wants to joke,
He wants to laugh,
He wants to be lost in his own music,
But he just cannot --
For he is a cop and must abide,
In the order to protect them all.

~ Shona